Product parameter:

Variable Fiber Optic VOA In-Line Attenuator,SM/MM, 0~60dB

Attenuator Application

Variable in-line optical attenuators comprises a dual fiber collimator and a reflection component separated by a linear moveable ND filter. They are used to permit dynamic control of optical power levels in a fiber and can be applied to adjust power level of signal in the optical communication at the output of light sources, E/O converters and for the linear or dynamic range of power meter


1. High quality ceramic core & in-line structure

 The application of imported A-grade ceramic insert and in-line structure enable the product with high stability, good reliability, high transmission speed and low insertion loss.


2. Customized connector & easy to use

  The customized fiber optic attenuator is able to satisfy your need by customized fiber connector, you can choose LC/SC/FC/ST four kinds fiber connector of your attenuator.


3. Collimator-based manually variable attenuation

   The attenuator are designed to give the accurate attenuation required by the connected device and are available in a wide 0 dB to 60 dB range of attenuation levels by turning the thumb screw.


4. Environmental protection PVC materials

   The product adopts the new environmental protection PVC material, the access port with a dust-proof cap, prevents the communication quality to be affected.


Fiber Connector


Ferrule Type

Zirconia Ceramic

Cable lengths:

2 meters

Transfer mode


Operating Wavelength(nm)

1310~1550(SM)/ 850 ~ 1330(MM)



Attenuation Accuracy


Return Loss

<2.5 dB

Polarization Dependent Loss


Max Optical Input Power




Operating temperature:


Storage temperature: