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Headway Group is a professional manufacturer of communication optical cables and lithium batteries. It is located in Changxing, the center of the Yangtze River Delta at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces-the "Pearl of Taihu Lake", with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. It is a national high-tech economic development zone. Headway Group consists of Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with 640 employees, including 192 professional and technical personnel, with total assets of 250 million yuan.

Zhejiang Headway Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 2001. It integrates R&D, manufacturing, construction and service. It specializes in the production and manufacture of communication optical cables, communication cables, broadband data cables and special photoelectric cable transmission products. Technology-based enterprises. Now it has an annual output of 3 million core kilometers of communication optical cables, 500,000 boxes of broadband data cables, 300,000 pairs of kilometers of communication cables, 100,000 kilometers of wires and cables, and 10,000 kilometers of special optical cables. The company has successively been awarded as "Huzhou Key Backbone Enterprise", "Zhejiang Province "Five Batch" Enterprise", "China's Best Economic Benefit", "Zhejiang AAA* Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise" and "Zhejiang High-tech Demonstration Enterprise" "And other honorary titles. The "Headway Communication" brand cable and optical cable products have become a well-known and widely influential brand enterprise in domestic communication cables. The "Headway Communication" brand trademark has been rated as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province. Brand communication optical cable was recognized as a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province.

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